Saint George Antiochian Orthodox Christian Church

Our mission: "To serve God and the community by commitment to the Gospel's command to grow in knowledge of Jesus Christ through faith, hope and love".

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Our Outreach Program


Keeping Cleveland Warm: The youth of the church prepare meals and provide toiletries and blankets, etc. to the homeless and on the streets of Cleveland.


Our Antiochian Women: Support three children in Lebanon


Food for Hungry People: Boxes/Cans provided to families in the church to be filled with cash donations for feeding the hungry.


St. Hermans: A home for men in need in which we help provide support both financially and with food and clothing.


St. Mary of Egypt: A safe haven for battered and needy women that we support


Orthodox Christian Fellowship: Financial contributions made annually.


Missions: Financial contributions made annually.


Seminarians: Financial contributions made annually.


Antiochian Village: Camp Scholarships made annually.


Special Olympics: Financial contributions made annually.


Visits to hospitals, nursing homes, and to parishioners who are physically unable to attend services are made on a regular basis.


Provide financial aide, food pantry and clothing, furniture, bus fare, etc. to those who phone or stop by the church requesting help.


Provide transportation to church services to those in need when able.


Soup Kitchen: To begin again soon with a once a month open kitchen/dining service for the needy.

For more information about our Program please don't hesitate in contacting Fr. John Ojaimi @ (440) 665-6724

We would appreciate anything you may able to do to help us.